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Taking care of people’s health is a complex but fascinating job. “Doing some sport” or “following a diet” does not always imply being healthy. Although it is true that any movement is better than none at all and eating moderately is better than eating too much, there is mounting evidence that these minor efforts are not effective enough in the longer term.

What is actually meaningful is raising awareness about the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle outside the gym or the training studio, without limiting physical activity to one or two short training sessions per week. We believe that the first essential step towards becoming and staying healthy is motivating people to be more mobile and eat well on a daily basis, building up a new routine and creating a virtuous circle for life which can enable them to feel consistently on top form. This is our priority not only in our individual coaching sessions with clients, but also in the periodic seminars organized in our studio as well as our corporate training classes.

This kind of approach, which leads us to define ourselves as “consultants” not only coaches or dieticians, requires not only a high level of professional experience and technical knowledge but also fundamental skills such as empathy, good communication, patience and enthusiasm as well as a sense of humor. At a professional level, every consultant working for BruxLT boasts a university education, post-graduate professional experience and continuous training.

Our heartfelt wish is to rapidly become a benchmark in the Brussels wellness market, without ever losing track of the keyword that defines our system: “quality”.


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