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Our western world today is increasingly condemning people to a restrictive and unhealthy lifestyle: physical inactivity and poor nutritional habits are two of the leading causes of a wide range of diseases, from muscular skeletal disorders to diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, in today’s workplace too many people have become accustomed to being sedentary for several hours a day, with the inevitable result being an alarming increase in the number of pathologies linked to poor posture and immobility.

We strongly believe that the most sensible and effective way of addressing this alarming situation is to educate people to embrace an altogether healthier lifestyle, covering both physical and mental aspects, because the human body is an amazingly complex machine which deserves care, attention, effort and dedication. For this reason, our physical coaching is not only a workout, but a tailored path to wellness, based on a carefully designed program of fundamental movement patterns, which can have positive impacts against stress, burnout, insomnia or poor concentration.

In addition our nutritional approach involves far more than simply providing clients with diet sheets: it aims at instructing people on how to choose the optimal nutritional approach for themselves on a daily basis, focusing attention on the essential details.


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